Kare, 21, USA

karis ahrens

“After being overweight in high school and tired of the way I looked in the mirror,  I decided to restrict myself starting my senior year.

It was so hard at first but then I started seeing the scale drop ounce by ounce. I lost 20 pounds in a month, and my doctor started to worry. I had told him I was sick and had no appetite. After that, it became an obsession. I’d weigh myself every hour on the hour, and I’d rarely eat. People started catching on so I began eating to please them but purging shortly after eating.

I let this go on for two years before I went to my doctor’s office on campus. There I was diagnosed with Bulimia. I have seen nutritionists and counsellors throughout my entire college career. I am in recovery, but I still suffer daily with body issues! I still will occasionally restrict what I eat when I get upset, and I usually change my outfit 11-14 times before I leave my house. 

I have had this body positivity account for a year now, and it has helped me in so many ways! I appreciate the support I receive daily from followers.  

My advice is, you are stronger than your mental illness. You are worth more than your illness.”


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