Savannah, 17, USA

savannah laforge (2).png“I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety.

I was sexually assaulted in my home when I was 12. I became depressed and suffered for 4 years. I lived in a house that wasn’t really home with a family that had no trust and I surrounded myself with toxic people.

I told lies. I hurt those who cared about me. I self harmed. I ruined the relationship I had with my parents and I take responsibility for ruining what was left of the relationship they had with each other. 

But things have changed. I am not as depressed as before. I don’t live with my parents anymore, and even though I miss them so much, I know it is for the best, and maybe one day, we can be together again.

My grades are great and I’m healthier than I was, and even the marks I put on my body are fading. Looking back, I see the hole I was in, was a hole I dug around myself. It was my fault I was where I was. I still suffer from anxiety and I have those moments when I remember the things I want to forget.

I have my days where the sadness takes over and it seems a little more difficult. But despite everything, I’m glad I didn’t end my life. I’m glad I’m still around to see the sunrise every morning. Things will get better eventually, and eliminating the chances of it ever looking up is a mistake.” 





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