Brittany, 22, US

brittany cooper

“I struggle with BPD, PTSD and anxiety.

I’ve had anxiety all of my life, but was diagnosed with BPD and PTSD about one year ago. Everyday is a Rollercoaster for me, each day is exhausting. Every day I have to make sure I’m safe and talk to my brother (my twin) whenever I feel unsafe or an episode coming on.

I see my therapist weekly, and currently going to be starting EMDR. Partial programs have helped me, and I’ll be admitted into Sierra Tuscan hospital in Arizona next week. I believe the inpatient programs are a huge help, I’ve never given it a chance before, and now that things have been so bad, it’s time to get serious help. Keep staying strong and pushing every day! I believe you all and myself can make it through any obstacle. I also have a blog that you all can look at if you want”



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