I need someone to talk to

I Need Someone to Talk to

I know how it is. Sometimes you feel like nobody cares what you are going through and 
there is nobody to talk to about your problems.

It is really hard to figure out who to talk to 
about some things because you don’t want to burden your friends with your problems or 
make them feel sorry for you. That is never fun. Having everyone look at you like you are 
about to snap or start crying. No, talking to your friends may not be the answer.

Am I Really Alone?

You may feel like you are the only one who feels this way but you are definitely not the only 
one. In fact, everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes. We all need human contact at 
one time or another and sometimes we all have trouble figuring out who we want to talk to. It
 may seem funny because you have about a thousand friends on Facebook but you still 
cannot find anyone to talk to. Social media friends are different from regular friends and you 
really do not know who you can trust on there if you do not know them in person. Even the 
people you know in person may not be all that trustworthy! It depends on what you want to 
talk about. You cannot share your feelings with just anyone because they may tell everyone 
else what you say. So, what should you do?

See A Therapist?

Well, you could go see a therapist or psychologist. But, if you do not happen to have one you
 will have to find one and sometimes it can take quite a while to find the one that you like. 
That means finding a therapist and going to meet them and if you do not like them, you have
to start all over again. Because, yes, you have to like your therapist. You are not going to feel
comfortable spilling your guts to someone you do not like, right? Also, sometimes you have 
to wait weeks to get an appointment, which is really annoying when you just want to talk to 
someone. Then you wait several weeks and find out you do not even like them so you have 
to start all over again! Nope! Not for me!

Online Therapy

That is why online therapy is so awesome! Some people may think it is stupid to talk to a 
therapist online because you cannot see them in person. But, actually, that makes it even 
better for people like me. I tend to be a loner who has a hard time talking about my feelings 
face to face but I can write down my feelings all day long. So, online therapy is perfect for 
me. It is also great for people with depression or anxiety disorders who have a hard time 
getting out of the house. In fact, some people with depression like me have a hard time just 
getting out of bed. That makes online therapy perfect. I can do it from the comfort of my own 
bed. Of course, eventually I have to get out of bed but when I am feeling in a funk and need to talk to someone, being able to chat online through my phone or tablet makes it so simple and painless. And we all have enough pain, right?

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  1. September 23, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Thanks again for a great blog,i have never considered online therapy before,i may give it a try

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