Rhianna, 18, UK

rhianna levi

“I am an English Literature student and have a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, body dysmorphia disorder and depression.

A year ago saw me at my worse when I suffered a major breakdown, which lead to a large amount of therapy and being subscribed to an anxiety medication called propanonol. Since that extremely horrendous time in my life, I have come such a long way in my recovery. Even though I do still suffer from dark days, they are far less regular and I am actually loving my life.

I will being taking a big life step in September when I go to University to take an English degree which I then want to use to become a teacher, writer and of course continue to be a mental health activist.

What has helped me, especially over the past year, is my support network, the blog that I run which I am proud to say has allowed me to help many people around the world, and allowing professionals to help me. I have no fear in the likelihood of being in and out of therapy throughout my life, seeking help and recovery is so important; there is no shame in relapsing- Recovery is NEVER linear.

I shall probably have to balance with my mental illnesses for the rest of my life, but that does not mean you cannot be happy and make a difference in the world. Take everyday as it comes. Learn to take a break. Be the wonderful individuals that you all are- Dark days will arise, but the days of laughter and the glistening in your eyes will make you proud of continuing even in your struggle. Continue to be brave and be proud of the person you are. ”


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  1. Very wise words and hope you continue to blossom and thrive Rhianna 🙂

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