Kirsty, 22, Yorkshire

“I have struggled with my mental health since I was really a child after a roller coaster of a childhood. I reached my most recent crisis point in Spring 2017, and subsequently was admitted to a psychiatric unit for treatment on my family’s request.

My time in the unit was not without it’s faults, but overall it was realistically the safest place for me at that moment in time. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder (AKA emotionally unstable personality disorder) anxiety & depression.

Ever since then I have been at home recovering with my Fiancé & pint sized ‘therapy dog’ Winston, who if I’m honest, has been one of the most important little monsters in my life. He may not speak, & he may be the most high maintenance dog on earth, but he’s the best company, he keeps me going and he never says no to a cuddle!

Last year I started to document my general life and recovery on Instagram, twitter and my little blog, and in doing so I have found a community of such strong & amazing people. Seeing everyone muddling their own way through recovery but making progress gives me motivation every single day!

When I was at my worst last year, I couldn’t see a future, but now I’m getting married in Autumn 2018 and I am actually looking into my future!

Every day is not without it’s difficulties. I still face my own mind day in and day out, but I’m slowly making positive steps. I may take 1 step forward, and then 5 steps back, but I’m just happy I am moving. I was so stuck and lost for so long.

Moving forward & in the future, I really want to help be the change I want to see. I have experienced direct and indirect discrimination and harassment from employers, and this has massively attributed to my difficulties. Being employed, for me, was so important to keep my independence and routine, but I has been totally removed from me due to ignorance and lack of education about mental health illness, from of how serious mental health illness is, just as important as physical health illnesses. There needs to be no difference between how important we consider a life threatening physical illness & mental illness, and we need to keep talking to build safe space for everyone to learn this without fear or Stigma, discrimination &  harassment.”

You can follow Kirsty’s journey on her blog, Twitter and Instagram.



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