Michael, 26, UK

“I have been battling anxiety for 10 years and depression on and off for the last 5 years. During my battle with anxiety I was diagnosed with agoraphobia. I suffered alone with my anxiety for around 5 years, I have lost relationships, friendships, jobs, I moved back home with my parents for 2 years.

I suffer with health anxiety & social anxiety; health anxiety made me so afraid that I was dying that I stopped living for years & my social anxiety slowly made me lose friendships, I look at this as a good thing though, because over the years I have lost my fake friends and am left with only my true friends.

I fear taking medication, so my recovery has included exercising, dieting, therapists & breathing techniques. I was very suicidal for a period during my battle, I was exhausted but I am so happy I continued to fight back!

I am currently 8 months without a panic attack, I am back living on my own and in a very healthy relationship.

I made my page to give the support to people that I needed so badly. I take mental illness very serious but I think laughter is one of the best medicines and it’s been one of the best techniques I’ve used to help me get to where I am today.

My life is far from perfect but I have more reason to smile than cry, I am very open about my mental illness on my page and I really hope I can help people realise they are not alone.

My favourite quote about any mental illness is “it’s a disorder not a decision”.


You can follow Michael’s journey on instagram.”


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