Stephanie, 30, NV/USA

“I’ve struggled most of my life with self harm, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.

I was diagnosed at 12 and hospitalised at 15. I have been in recovery since 2008, but I hit my crisis point in 2011 after having my daughter.

I was then diagnosed with postpartum PTSD due to a traumatic birth experience, which I never knew was possible. Since then I have been focusing on my mental health while also raising awareness for maternal mental health.

I now have 3 children, 2 of which have invisible illnesses as well and I spend my time educating others about the reality of mental illness and that living life is possible with mental illness, no matter how hard it might be.
I try everyday to practice some form of self care while using social media as my platform to blog about my everyday experience. Adding talk therapy and medication into the mix has made it possible to face each day. I want to keep it as real as possible because real life is hard so I try to use my life as an example that motherhood isn’t always beautiful and to celebrate the little things because those are what matter most. I lost myself in becoming a mother but now I am learning to find and love myself again.”
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