Can you believe it’s already been three years!? So much has changed in this time! I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever imagine was possible and have been so privileged to have so many wonderful opportunities thanks to this blog

This ones all about people who have made this blog possible. YOU. The readers, the inspiring people who have shared their stories and the new addition to the MH Stories- the ambassadors! You all have made this possible and this page is still going because of YOU!

Here’s what the MH Stories Ambassadors had to say:

“I discovered MH Stories around 2 years ago and have been subscribed to the blog ever since, reading the stories every week without fail. Soon after I discovered the blog I was approached by Kay asking if I wished to share my story, at the time however I was at rock bottom, both too scared and ashamed to share. With time though, thanks to the treatment I’ve received for my mental illnesses, but also both to interacting with the lovely Kay and reading all of your incredibly inspirational stories on the blog, I have realised how so very far from alone I am in what I’ve experienced and become so much more open about it all. The courage to speak out that I gained from being a reader of this blog, is what encouraged me to apply to be an ambassador on the blog when the role became available. Now I’m experiencing things from the other side. I still read your stories, but I’m also over on Instagram having the pleasure of posting your stories and quotes each week and interacting with you all. This is helping my confidence grow and my ability to speak out more and more. It’s even what encouraged me to start blogging myself, to document my own recovery journey. I have come so very far in my own mental health journey from when I first discovered this blog, and I without a doubt I owe some of it to the blog, to the lovely Kay, to the other ambassadors and to all of you read the blog, share your stories, interact on social media. All of you have helped me grow and recover and become the mental health advocate that I am today, so thank you all! Happy 3 years of MH Stories and here’s to many more!” – Hannah

“For me, personally, Mental Health stories was a great help on my way to recovery, as I was able to see that I am not alone and that there are many people out there, struggling as well and we’re all in this together. There’s something positive in almost every story that’s shared, such as people mentioning their coping mechanisms or just some words of encouragement. What helped the most though, was sharing my story and receiving amazing feedback from people I’ve never met before, as well as friends and family. Mental Health stories helps fighting the stigma and raises awareness that it’s okay to struggle.” – Sarah

Here’s also what some of our readers/people who have shared their story had to say:

“MH stories has helped me discover so many people’s amazing stories. It’s made me feel less lonely as I know there are others I can contact if I need help.” – Louise

 “MH Stories a great resource for promoting recovery and showing my therapy clients that they are not alone. I hope to see others smashing stigma by sharing their stories for many more years to come!”- Kel

“Having lived with my ex for about ten years and realising that she is bi-polar, I have found the stories to be reassuring. This is because I’m not alone. Others go through this stuff too. I suffer from social anxiety, and reading about others with similar issues helps me to cope.”- Nigel

“MH stories is a place of courage and hope – people sharing their struggles made me realise that I was not alone and that my world would not end with my experience of mental illness. I found the blog during my very first struggles with depression. And it inspired me to keep fighting, as many wonderful people were doing the same.”- Simone

“MH stories allowed me into the world of many other people who were suffering under an invisible illness just like me. Getting to see that others were brave enough to speak out inspired me to input my own story to hopefully help someone else in the future so they are not alone.” – Willow

“I’ve been following MH Stories for about a year and a half. The blog has been a great support, knowing that I’m not the only one that struggles the same way I do and I am not alone in what I experience.” – Emily

“MH stories has been amazing to follow, as it shows all people from all walks of life can struggle with their mental health and wellbeing. It’s been wonderful to see people being so open and vulnerable, but also the strength, is beautiful.” – Jenny

“MH Stories has been so helpful in helping me recognise mental illness can and does affect many people, regardless of background or nationality and has been a great source of comfort for me, knowing that there are people out there who understand”. – Tom

“I like the fact that MH stories has helped me start a blog for others to read my story.” – Oli

“For me MH Stories has been great because of the variety of stories shared. It shows that mental health issues can affect anyone. For me personally knowing that other people understand some of my concerns is good, it’s scary when you think you are the only one.” – Rachel

“By reading other people’s stories it’s made me feel less alone and that there are other people who have gone through similar things. I also now feel less weird for having a mental illness.” – Connor

“There is something validating in being touched by a story similar to my own. No longer am I tilting at windmills. I am part of a larger community, working together to help heal each other.”- John

“You are an inspiration and a light on the path! In MH I’m a carer, a retired nurse, and an arts therapies volunteer, and therefore I know how much your head-on attack on stigma and your gentle reminders to people to look after themselves help all of us.” – Aisling

“It’s a privilege to have been part of MH stories. When facing mental health challenges stories of how others deal with and overcome their struggles really offer hope when it can seem so very far away. Thank you to everybody that has shared their experiences to help others.” – Matthew

“A little over year ago, during one of the darkest times in my life when I was feeling so alone, I came across mhstories.com. It helped to break those thoughts and was one of the resources I found that helped push me to seek out the help that I needed.” – EJ

“MH Stories has given me a bigger platform to share my story and also let’s me know that I am not alone in this weird world of anxiety and depression. I love all the connections I have made through MH including its founder!” – Vivian

“MH Stories is a shining example of how the Internet can be effectively utilized to bring those who often experience isolation, whether through outwardly and/or inwardly recognized differences from other guys and gals, the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of inclusive understanding. Love and blessings to those suffering, more power to those prospering, and many thanks to Miss Ska for all she has done.” – Aaron


Thank you so much to everyone who shared in this post. Thank you to everyone who shared their story so far. Thank you to everyone who continues to read this blog, to all of the people who have supported me and everything I do, you are all so incredibly amazing and have changed my life!


K. <3


Originally posted last year.



  1. Not known you too long but so proud of you, your posts and your twitter always make my day when we talk ❤. I hope I can add to your stories soon enough ❤

  2. Positive attitude is a big plus, not always easy to achieve see my blog for a book that I recommend to all that is inspirational and uplifting and raises awareness and funds for three mental health charities, written by people suffering from or supporting people suffering from mental health.

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