Harriet, 21, Coventry, UK

“I have Autism which means, I’ve always had anxiety. About a year ago I was experiencing something unexplainable to myself; my brain just completely shut down.

I was having very low moods, didn’t eat, didn’t go out the house. Took myself to the doctors, was put on anti depression tablets, then starting having intense therapy from a counselor. Talk through the big issues, had MDR. I’ve learnt strategies for everyday to help me cope. I was bullied in school all through and college also, called names.

How this has helped me, now I have learnt how to live with it and it doesn’t seem scary anymore. I used colouring, music, headphones, stones art therapy, I draw how I am feeling.
My advice to others, would be to talk, speak out. Talking is one of the things you can do, once it’s out you start to feel a tiny bit better, do not suffer, a problem shared is a problem halfed. So many people taking their lives, cause mental health isn’t spoken about enough.
I am on anti depression tablets still, now I struggle everyday, I have good days and bad days, it never goes away but you learn to cope, it makes you, who you are.”


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