Matt, 19, Rushden/Northamptonshire

“It’s been a crazy few years. Not really understanding how my head works from a young age, however as I’ve grown up the more I’ve understood and the more things got complex.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 17. The problems started years before – I just went years without knowing I needed help. After being bullied and made to feel like I was useless, I wanted to end it all. However, I spoke to my mum and she got me to speak to a doctor, who explained why I felt like this. Even my own mother said that I hadn’t been right for years. It was crazy – I thought I was just a little kid being dramatic when in reality I was really struggling with my own mind.

I’ve had my ups and downs through the years. I’ve experienced love and experienced losing it. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with and still struggle to this day with. They were there through it all and made me feel better when I needed it and then for them to disappear was devastating. I’m slowly getting to grips with everything now. I started noticing signs that things were getting worse so after speaking to doctors I found out I’m actually bipolar.

Although things seem to just be getting worse and worse I focus on the things I can change that will improve my mental health. I started focusing on work and even got a second job. I work a lot but I also think about the bad times a lot less. If I could go back and change things I would, but I’ve learnt to live with my mistakes and move on. Dwelling on the past has always been a major set back for me so I’m focusing on the future and how I can be a better person.
If there is anyone out there that feels like things are getting to much or you can’t cope. Please speak about it. It really helps. We can only take so much before we overflow. Everyone deserves a chance at life. Don’t give up because things get tough. Fight through the storm there can only be better on the other side.”


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