Zoe, 28, Thanet, Kent

“I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, and depression and anxiety.

Some days are harder than others and every day is a battle to keep positive and keep fighting. I make sure on the good days I record how that made me feel with pictures or my blog, and on the bad days I use self care such as keeping my stresses to a minimum, having a warm bubble bath, doing a face mask and having a duvet day.

I used to feel ashamed of my mental health but now, since I’ve worked alongside Time to Change as a young champion and campaigner, I am coming to terms with who I am; and that’s nothing to be ashamed about! I’m pretty awesome!

Talking about mental health is so so important as it gets the word out and if we can make one person feel less alone, or change one person’s attitude then it’s all worth it 💙”



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  1. Hi Zoe, could you possibly drop me an email please? thanks Andy.

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