Shanaya, 19, Australia

“My fight with mental health started when I was 14 years old and I am currently in the depths of it. My diagnoses include depression, anxiety, BPD and anorexia nervosa.

I am currently in hospital for the 8th time in the past year, on an NG tube and heart monitors. This illness has taken so much from me, including my health.
The photo on the right was before my eating disorder hit full force; I was healthy, happy, energetic and excited for life. The photo on the left was taken a few days ago; confined to a hospital bed, on heart monitors, tubes, poor health and barely able to stand up.

Although I’m currently in the depths of this illness, I am trying to remain positive and hopeful for recovery. I am fighting to get my life back, and not ready to give in anytime soon.
If you’re going through this battle, or know someone who’s going through something similar, don’t give up and don’t give up on them! This illness is nasty, but the battle CAN be won! The key is persistence, don’t give up!

I am thankful for my beautiful friends and the professional support I have through this battle, and I WILL get the healthy me back!”



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