Ashish, 19, Aurangabad, India

“Three years ago I was sent to the ER for a surgery for reasons I should not mention because it’s too embarrassing. Because of this I lost a lot of my self-esteem and happiness while in recovery. I had to take pills everyday, I was in great pain before and after the operation.

Shortly after that I felt the symptoms of depression and anxiety. I went to a psychiatrist and indeed I was diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety.

I lost two academic years. I had fallen behind on all my studies and I didn’t even attempt to give the exams a try for two whole years. But that isn’t what I’m upset about, I’m upset about what I missed out on. All the shenanigans my friends would do and the memories of being in school.
Unfortunately, they were all stripped away from me. I had lost contact with most of my friends.
Carpe Diem is my life’s motto now. I have learnt a lot of lessons from my awful experience of being isolated from the world. I cope with depression and anxiety (which is so much better now) by writing poetry and sharing it on my Instagram.
I wish to make up for my lost years by being grateful for what I have (which is very important), making a lot of new friends this year, seizing new experiences and living unapologetically. I am much more confident and happier than before.
P.S. I call my room my “solitude prison” for it has been both a place of suffering and recovery, pain and pleasure, overthinking and mindfulness.
Thank you for reading my mental health story. Also, thanks to MH Stories for being such a great place to be on Instagram, I have been very inspired by the stories you post and knowing I’m not alone. ✌”


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