Mercy, USA

“I struggled with depression for 20 years and only now have the courage to let go of the stigma of shame in order to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT about mental health awareness.

When I would have the courage to reach out, often times, the response was neither positive nor receptive. Therefore I needlessly struggled in silence for years because I was made to believe that my profoundly crippling and debilitating illness was not valid. I want to help save lives because suicide is the leading most PREVENTABLE tragedy. Stories we hear and see on the news everyday do not have to occur. I want people to know it’s ok to not be ok and that their struggle is real…their pain is valid…and depression is too serious an illness to be forced to suffer in silence any longer. Depression affects hundreds of millions yet is still not taken as seriously or validated as much as it should…often times, until it is too late. This must change. We must remove the stigma and normalize the conversation surrounding mental health at home and at work. As a dedicated motivational speaker, I make it my daily mission to be the positive change agent to do so. Make your mental health a priority today.”


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