Emmy Brunner, 39, Brighton, UK

“I was dealing with anxiety and eating disorder symptoms from a really young age. I wasn’t aware there was necessarily anything wrong and I simply carried on living my life and trying to manage my unwellness. I didn’t talk to anyone about what I was dealing with though I realise now that the shame I felt meant that I became very isolated. 

When I reached my twenties I fell into crisis. Even my low-level functioning became unsustainable. I realised that if I wanted my life to change, then I would have to begin to live differently. I had therapy and read anything and everything I could about self-healing and self-development. I turned to authors like John Bradshaw and Brené Brown for guidance and I decided that I needed to fight for something better, even if I didn’t believe I deserved it. 

Slowly but surely I began to get better. And through my recovery I realised that it was my calling to help others. I decided to focus all of my efforts on engaging in acts of service toward others in need. I ran support groups, started my clinical training as a psychotherapist and volunteered with young people who were still struggling to achieve recovery from trauma. 

It was then that I started to question how sufferers were being treated and decided to set up my own practice where I implemented my own therapeutic techniques and positive philosophy. The Recover Clinic has since grown into an established community where we work to inspire and empower women to move beyond destructive behaviours and to learn how to love who they really are. 

I am passionate about redefining mental health treatment and how people are supported. I have found that it is frequently unprocessed trauma and our own limiting beliefs about ourselves (who we are, or who we ought to be) that cause our emotional problems. Along with my practice, and the content I put out on my website (topics range from trauma and body dysmorphia to loneliness), I have created The Sunshine Sessions for Instagram TV where I talk to mental health advocates and change-makers, offering a refreshing, honest and uplifting perspective to trauma, recovery and mental wellbeing. 

You can also find me on my Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.”


We are so excited for our segment called Meet Mental Health Professionals! Happening every fourth Tuesday we will share a story from a Mental Health Professional, where you’ll hear about their journey and how they got to where they are now.
As well as this, we will have an Instagram Stories Takeover in the week of when their story goes up, with each professional where you will be able to ASK your mental health questions and get answers from professionals and generally, find out more about them, what they do and tips/advice they have for maintaining good mental health. Emmy @emmybrunnerofficial is doing an Instagram Story Takeover on the 16th July on our Instagram account, so make sure to tune into our stories then – and if you miss it, you will be able to catch up with it in our Highlights on Instagram.


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