Zoe Aston, 32, London, UK

“My name is Zoe, I am living and working as a psychotherapist in London.
If you met me today you’d have no idea that I have been as unwell as I was.  Through my teens and early twenties I struggled extensively with my mental health and tried to deal with it through self-harm, eating disorders and addiction.  If you had met me then you’d have seen how poorly I was and that I felt my declining mental health defined me.
I was one of the lucky one’s, I had the opportunity to go into treatment when I was 20 and ended up being there almost a year.  Although it did not ‘fix’ me completely, I struggled for many years afterwards, it was this opportunity and experience that lead me to consider becoming a therapist and ultimately still drives me to share the information and help I go with as many people as possible.
I started my Instagram account earlier this year and within 6 months have gained 12.5K followers. Via @the.mind.gym I also created YOUR MENTAL HEALTH WORKOUT which is comprised of daily and weekly workouts for your mind.  These ideas are born out of things that have worked for me personally, confirmed by the effect I’ve seen on others and backed up by science.
I honestly believe that if I am able to recover from where I have been, anyone can.
You can see more about my work by visiting www.zoeaston.com and www.yourmentalhealthworkout.com (remember to sign up to the mailing list whilst you are there).”

We are so excited for our segment called Meet Mental Health Professionals! Happening every fourth Tuesday we will share a story from a Mental Health Professional, where you’ll hear about their journey and how they got to where they are now.
As well as this, we will have an Instagram Stories Takeover in the week of when their story goes up, with each professional where you will be able to ASK your mental health questions and get answers from professionals and generally, find out more about them, what they do and tips/advice they have for maintaining good mental health.

Zoe @the.mind.gym is doing an Instagram Story Takeover on the 12th of September on our Instagram account, so make sure to tune into our stories that day – and if you miss it, you will be able to catch up with it in our Highlights on Instagram.



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