Mazvita, 19, Seattle, USA

When you look at me what do you see? 

We show our pretty faces and our perfect bodies but forget to see what may be happening on the inside. Our Instagram lives are not perfect. I spent so much of my life dedicating energy, and minutes of my time trying to strive for and achieve what I thought was important and would make me happy.  I didn’t realize how lost and stuck I was till I found myself sat in the ER after trying to take my own life for the fourth time that year. 2018 was one of the darkest years of my life.

I deal with bipolar disorder and anxiety and through my recovery journey, & being around people who speak life into me that I began to fully unpack the layers of my trauma, shame, and guilt that I was so used to carrying around with me. I can now say I am re-learning to be compassionate to both myself and others, to love and accept myself for who I really am, and to find my voice and power from within. I’ve realized how powerful and important this education and healing is and I want to dedicate my life to making sure no person has to experience what I have. I am in no way perfect, in fact, I’m still learning and working on myself. But I am happy to say that I’m genuinely witnessing the power in my new way of thinking and feeling. I’m experiencing freedom & working to living a life filled with authentic happiness, self-love, and a new zest for this thing we call life.”

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