Hope, 28, Norfolk, UK

I have BPD, I won’t use the term “suffer with” anymore as I have learnt to accept it is apart of who I am, it does not define me.
But for 14 years I struggled and fought against myself and my diagnosis, having outbursts and struggled to find coping techniques. My emotions heightened and so sensitive, I learnt my first thoughts and reactions to a situation would generally be the incorrect ones. I slowly learnt to try take my time before I reacted but it wasn’t easy and I’ve slipped from control many times!

But this last year I have really accepted the view of working with that part of me, accepting it, learning with it and what it creates for me. We are scared of things we don’t understand, others are scared if we don’t fit into the society’s created norm. But I love being different and I’m not afraid anymore, my BPD is a strong part of my personality and I am now seeking to help others with mental health and make a difference to our community! Don’t let anyone define you with a label you aren’t comfortable with. You have this!

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