Dr. Darin Bergen, 39, Portland, US

“Growing up I had a lot of emotions, many of them painful, and didn’t really know what to do with them. I was bullied in middle school and high school, felt very alone and struggled with depression and low self esteem.

At the same time I was struggling, I discovered psychology and became really interested in the process of changing the things I struggled with.

I ended up using some of the things I was reading about to help myself break out of my shell socially and my life started to get so much more fun and fulfilling.
While I can see now that this was a powerful motivator to push me towards becoming a psychologist, at the time I didn’t realize it. I just thought I was intellectually interested in “why people act the way they do”. While this is true, it’s only a small part of the picture.
As a naturally compassionate person and someone people often felt comfortable talking to, becoming a psychologist worked on many levels.
So I did all of the schooling and clinical training, earned my degree and license to practice, spent years working for the local VA hospital and then went into private practice a few years ago.
Now I get to spend my time helping people overcome depression and trauma, and rebuild life after a divorce/end of a serious relationship.
It’s incredibly fulfilling work and I’m so grateful to be able to help people for a living.
I have come a long, long way on my own mental health and am happy to say that despite some setbacks (notably a divorce myself) I love my life now.”


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