Flavia, 26, Gold Coast, Australia

“At the age of about 7 I felt anxiety manifest into my life. Slowly it built up to a point where I would have panic attacks regularly and be afraid to sleep. One day I was watching TV and everything became numb, I could no longer feel happiness and didn’t care whether I lived or died. At this age I questioned our purpose here on earth, struggling to understand how we could be living the disconnected lives we were in the city, struggling to understand the concept of ‘god’. Through love and support of my family as well as a connection to a power greater than myself these feelings faded, but as I grew into teen years my anxiety still lingered and exploded into social anxiety, stopping me from doing simple tasks like ordering food or see friends. This tore me apart because I could see how I was affecting those I loved.

In my early 20’s I made the decision I needed to change my life. I went to an amazing doctor who really concreted just how much I was struggling who diagnosed me with two disorders – Pyrolle Disorder and Overmethylation, meaning my body wasn’t able to absorb proper minerals and vitamins which were vital for healthy physical and mental functioning. After a few months of supplementing, I felt a new lease on life.

This combined with years and painful hours of self-reflection and soul searching, courses, an extensive list of books, travelling to eco villages and spiritual communities, connecting with nature, yoga, love, support, meditation, a spiritual connection and energy healing I am now in a place I am able to work with others and assist them on their own mental health journeys. The beautiful thing is I wouldn’t change a thing, because everything I have been through has led me to this place today with all the wisdom I have gained and the ability to relate with other experiencing similar things.

I took a holistic route, making the decision to treat my mental health through multiple avenues and tackling the root causes of where it stemmed from rather than treating the surface layers, and now that is something I am passionate about sharing.

If you feel your health is suffering mentally or physically, I urge you to seek help. Listen and follow your gut instinct to a path of healing 💚 There are so many alternative paths out there. There is always hope, there is always light within you. Please reach out if you are needing advice, or simply someone to talk to.”



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  1. Great post! I’m new to blogging community, it’s so good to see people being vocal about mental health, this will make others aware. We all can together battle this down.

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