Marie, 45, Ascot, Berkshire

“I had a breakdown in 2009 triggered by the financial crash. The family home was repossessed after my husband’s plastering business failed and we could no longer make the repayments.

 At the same time, my husband needed surgery for arthritis in both hips. That was followed by three months’ recuperation during which time he could not work and our family lost its sole source of income.

 I began suffering anxiety and panic attacks. I attended the Cardinal Clinic, a mental health clinic in Windsor, on and off for two years. I had CBT and was prescribed medication for depression, which I took for two years.

 I made a partial recovery but was still suffering daily headaches, weekly migraines and panic attacks whenever faced with a challenging situation. I continued to take prescriptive medication and was on high dosages of pain relief for the headaches.

This continued for six years. I finally experienced full relief physically, emotionally and psychologically through a complementary therapy called Pranic Healing. At long last it gave me the peace of mind and mental clarity that I was looking for.

As a result of the profound affect Pranic Healing had on me, I am now fully recovered and totally dedicate myself to helping children and adults with mental and physical health illnesses.”

You can follow Marie on her website.


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