Luke Valley, 27, Winchester UK

“You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions. You are that which sees your thoughts and emotions, you are the awareness…” I am Luke, a spiritual coach, from the south of England.
My aim is to, using humour and honesty bridge the gap between ancient teachings and modern day life. I would like to bring a clear cut and easily digestible spirituality to the next generation.
My journey began five years ago when life forced me in to sobriety due to alcohol and drug misuse.. I had the realisation that without the intoxicating crutches I was so used to using, life became almost unbearable due the constant heavy and damaging stream of thoughts, resulting in extreme anxiety and depression.
With no masks or intoxicating methods of escaping this stream, I realised there must be another way. My introduction to this “different way” like many others came through reading the book “The Power of Now” by Eckart Tolle. When I read the words “you are not your mind” I felt my entire body flood with energy, I had dipped out of the heavy mind stream for the first time! I’d found, “the off button”.
Fast forward all these years later and this teaching has become my life and I have since been committed fully to teaching various means of getting to the timeless state, through videos on Instagram, one to ones, group classes, meditation meetings and yoga.
What does it mean to truly be our selves? What is beneath the mind and emotions? Let me help you find out.“
You can find Luke on Instagram.


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