Riley, 28, Baton Rouge, LA

“I have battled with depression and anxiety since I was 15 due to my upbringing. I was severely abused mentally, sexually and physically from the age of 3 to 15 by my parents or friend of my parents. The unfortunate reality I had even led me to my attempt at suicide.

After my attempt, I was fully adopted by my grandparents who provided an upscale life for me. However, I still dealt with the ever stinging pain. I looked to others for attention in school activities, functions and romantic relationships.

I was so indulged in the abuse that I felt it was normal. I let men abuse me physically and mentally for years. And, one day I met someone (my current husband) He was gentle, kind and nurturing. still is. He showed me what true love is. He understood my anxieties, my mood swings, my overwhelming depression. AND, he still loved/loves me.

We now have two beautiful daughters and I will soon be finished with my Bachelors in Psychology. My husband is a Law Enforcement Officer. Together we strive to beat the stigma of depression.

I have succeeded in being a great mother and an advocate for Mental Awareness. You don’t have feel like you’re not enough.”


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  1. Great post! I’m new to blogging community, it’s so good to come across such amazing stuffs! Be strong.

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