Elena, 30, Surrey, UK

“For as long as I remember I have been affected by my mental health; mainly anxiety, as a kid I used to pull my hair out and chew everything. I still pull my hair out if I am distressed.
During my adolescence and through high school I acted out and had problems understanding rules and boundaries. In my teens and adult life I have continued to have issues maintaining healthy friendships and romantic relationships along with other various difficulties.

   From a young age, I found a passion for singing and songwriting, you could say it was the only thing I felt I was good at it also helped me focus and calm down.
 My artistry is still my medication to this day, writing songs helps me express what I need to in a healthy construcive way.
 After being at breaking point and seeking specialist support, in 2019 I was finally diagnosed with EUPD aka BPD , anxiety and depression. This has been a huge turning point for me because with this formal diagnosis I am able to understand myself and learn my triggers to help myself get better, I still have a long way to go but I am proud to say I am on the road to recovery slowly but surely.
I have made it my mission to help others through my experiences , I work 9-5 at a local mental health charity to my area and use my artistry to support and mentor young people, I would like to be that person I needed growing up.
This year I was given the honour of competing as a finalist in Ms Great Britain I used my title to promote mental health awareness and promote a healthy body image.
 On the back of my entry into Ms Great Britain I have created an online mental health support forum called Change Your Stars, the aim of this is for people to share healthy tips together in regards to their mental health and meet others in similar situations to themselves.
 If you had asked me a year ago to tell you about my journey I probably wouldn’t have been able to share this with you due to being afraid of how people would react.
If this piece of writing helps just one person then that is a bigger honour to me than headlining a sold out arena. My mental health conditions do not define me they are part of who I am and I am so proud of that  and what I have accomplished despite my difficulties.
 Together we can break the stigma and save lives through taking about mental health openly and positively.”
You can follow Elena on her website, Instagram and Soundcloud


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