Elloise, 23, Oxfordshire, UK

“I suffer from Anorexia Nervosa and Depression. I have suffered with these for 5/6 years. I’ve just came out of my worst relapse yet with my eating disorder and had to go into inpatient treatment. Being in hospital for my illness was a wake up call, but the hard work began when I was discharged. I am slowly getting there and am fully committed to recovery. I surround myself with positivity and constantly fight the thoughts I get everyday and do the opposite to what my head is telling me. I find having a goal and sometime to focus on/ I can achieve really helps me as I feel like I have a purpose as opposed to listening to my eating disorder. I also listen to body positive podcasts which uplift me and remind me there is more to life than weight. My depression gets the best of me when I’m struggling with my eating disorder and causes me to isolate myself from everyone I love. I now make sure I keep opening up to those around me and be honest to stop this from happening. I truly believe recovery is possible and I hope I get there one day. ”

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