Nathan, 26, Wales

“It all began for me when I left my university studies and started a job for a technology sales company in the city of london. As you can imagine it was incredibly stressful. The pressure surrounding the role left me with this anxiety that manifested in the form of physical restriction in my chest. I basically felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. At this point, I was unaware as to the cause of this new restriction. I had test for Asthma and allergies etc but all came back positive. In hindsight I can see how this was a result of the stress & pressure however at the time it was only when I left my job, travelled to India and discovered meditation that my breath returned back to a normal ease.

For me the lifestyle change was extremely important. Making the decision to leave my job was one of the best decisions I ever made and finding mediation & a more holistic way of managing my stress was a game changer. Still to this day, my chest restriction and inability to catch a full breath, is still the first signal to me that I am neglecting something in myself and that I need to make some changes. Luckily, I discovered therapeutic Breathwork when travelling in India, which blew me away. A whole room of people having insanely powerful experiences. This has been life changing.
Now, I use a regular breathing practice pretty much every day to open up my breathing system and get the breath flowing more freely and harmonious through my body. It feels great and powers me up for the day. Every single day I am more and more conscious of my moment to moment breathing which also is helping me to stay grounded and relaxed. As a result of the benefits that connecting with my breath has given me, I now teach therapeutic breathwork and breathing meditations to help with anxiety, overcome trauma and help people heal more holistically.
For anybody struggling to breathe properly, I would suggest firstly to let go of the frustration around being unable to breathe, this only creates more tension in the body. Secondly, instil a regular breathing practice into your daily routine!
If you would like help doing this, I teach a regular class every monday morning which you can
find here.”
You can follow Nathan on his instagram and website.


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