Charlotte, 16, UK

I’m a Christian blogger in recovery from various things. I also have a physical disability called Cerebral palsy. I like to think of this as a different ability. 

I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was about 7 due to my physical health and then it started getting bad again when I was 11, just before the onset of my anorexia, an eating disorder most prominently focused on restriction. 

I’ve dealt with anorexia for nearly 5 years and I have been hospitalised multiple times. These admissions saved my life and they are where I encountered Jesus! 

Unfortunately, I have had many turbulent times and I still, to this day, deal with PTSD. I am better than I’ve ever been but you can’t have a rainbow without rain. 

I still struggle but I have found ways of coping and have come further than I have ever come before. I never thought it was possible to be in recovery this deeply but I promise that it is possible. 

It is so so hard living with an eating disorder but I am now flourishing and I’m so grateful for the support.



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