Brooke, 22, Central Coast, Australia

“From as long as I remember I have always been affected by my mental health, I lost my dad to depression at 3 years old and that really shook me, as that played a massive part of my life. I grew up wondering why and why me, why was I the girl who lost her dad, but as I have gotten older I’ve become at peace with it all and I’ve gotten clarity, as hard and sad as it is, he is a peace now away from his demons and a few years ago I was going through a rough patch; I was really depressed and wanted to end it all (still traumatised, but I am healing)
but fortunately I had a realisation, I made a promise to myself that I would be strong for my grandparents as they endured so much hardship in their life time. I also promised to myself that I am a fighter and I’ll always push through whatever life throws at me.

Life is a rainbow sometimes it’s so bright and vibrant and other times it’s hiding behind the clouds, it’s so important to be realistic and it’s so important to remember that there is good days and bad days but always push through and trust the process!!

Each day I tell me self my feelings are valid, I am worth it, I am loved and I am not alone!!

But by bit I will get through it and work out ways to better myself and my mental health ❤️❤️”


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