Stan, 50, Pittsburgh, USA

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“I struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20 years and there were times I felt like giving up.

During these times, my anxieties and fears were so powerful that I had trouble getting through the week. It was very tough, however, I did not lose hope.

In order to get through those difficult times, the first thing I did was admit that I had a problem. I then took the steps to find a mental health counselor who could help me with my situation. I also made the effort to learn as much as I could in dealing with various anxiety disorders by reading a lot of books and doing a lot of personal research.I knew that the answers I was looking for were out there and all I had to do was make an effort to find them. Over time, I became very knowledgeable on how to deal with fear and anxiety which helped me in the long run.

In time, I became better able to conquer my fears and anxieties. Whenever I encountered a fearful and anxiety-related situation, I would apply the techniques I learned from the professionals and my research.

Instead of looking at my struggles as a problem, I looked at each situation as a learning experience. For example, I remembered when I first learned to ice skate. In the beginning, I fell down all the time, but I kept getting back up even though it was very difficult. Over time, I did not fall as much and eventually, I was able to skate without falling down.

It was very tough and scary dealing with my anxieties, however, I made an effort to find out which techniques worked for me. I would then write down this information in a small notebook.

The next time I encountered a similar situation, I was better able to face my fears by reading my notes. This prevented me from repeating the same mistakes I made in the past.

Whenever I struggled with my fear and anxiety, I made it a habit to take things one day at a time. I made an effort to not dwell on my fearful thoughts which were telling me that I was not going to make it.

I also realized that you can’t predict the future. A person may be 99% correct in predicting the future, but all it takes is that 1% to make a difference. There are factors and circumstances that you can’t predict or anticipate that can make a difference in your current situation.

The key is not to give up and to seek help from professionals. You are not alone when it comes to your mental health challenges. There are many support groups in your area where you can get assistance and where you can meet others who can relate to your circumstances. Your situation is not hopeless and by making the right decisions, you will eventually be able to get your life back on track.”

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