I started this page by myself, but as it began growing I realised that I might need to reach out for help. I am consistently growing as a person and everything I do is progressing with me. That’s why I found some wonderful mental health advocates to help spread mental health awareness through the MH Stories platform.

Meet the MH Stories Ambassadors

Nicole – “I am originally Portuguese but am always flying to the UK as I went to university in Southampton – to study Public relations and communications.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests – I like to keep my mind occupied and am a big fan of multitasking. Became a recent fan of embroidery, cross-stitch and working with clay but writing will always have my heart. I like to sing too but I feel more comfortable doing it around the house.

I joined MH Stories because I wanted to help bring awareness to this long overdue taboo and it has been a fun and gratifying experience.

You can follow me through @mayo.studios for my many hobbies and @lidia.nicole for my adventures.
I also write on my blog where I share my random thoughts and experiences. My DMs are always open if you want to have a chat on a gloomy day.”

Nicole’s story



Julia – “I am an American living in Scotland since 2017. I live here with my partner, son, and wee dog.

I have been on the path to self-recovery for quite some time and have come a long way in the past few years. I have generalized and social anxiety, ADHD, body dysmorphia, and depression. I also suffer from and manage chronic illnesses, such as PCOS and endometriosis.

I joined MH Stories because of my passion for bringing awareness to mental health and educating others. I strive to help people with conditions like mine and those of people I care about.

In my spare time, I love yoga, reading, writing poetry and fiction, singing, and playing the piano.

You can follow along with my life journey on either my personal Instagram or my artsy Instagram. If you would like to connect, please reach out by DM or through my website, where I run my own social media marketing business, JM Marketing. xx ”