Monthly Mental Health Favourites/ YouTube channel

I have decided to start doing videos again on my YouTube channel! This video is extremely late, which I’m very sorry about! I’ve tried to film videos multiple times! My camera is still broke and its proven to be more challenging. Eventually, I filmed this on my laptop :O!!! The audio is pretty low and quality isn’t amazing, so I’m very sorry about that. I’ve also almost deleted this whole video because it’s far from ‘perfect’ or even good in my opinion. I’m my own worst critic and that sucks sometimes! But here it is! March Mental Health Favourites: Pukka, three ginger … Continue reading Monthly Mental Health Favourites/ YouTube channel

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

I have decided to try and regularly review/write about things that have been helping me with my mental health. I’ve already read a few new books this year and today I wanted to share with you, my thoughts about a book called Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle by Doreen Virtue. It’s a second book that I have read by Doreen (the first one was called Living Pain-Free) I really enjoy her writing style and the knowledge and wisdom she shares in her books as well as on her Facebook page. Don’t let anything dull your sparkle, has really opened my … Continue reading Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

Big White Wall

It was hard for me to reach out for professional help as I’ve reached out for it in the past and I was on the never ending waiting lists or the help just wasn’t available.. So I gave up for a while. Having anxiety & panic attacks which led to agoraphobia has made it a lot more difficult to go out ask for help again. I heard about online therapies but thought they would cost a lot of money and seeing as I’m not getting any income right now it would be impossible for me to do. I’ve tried and … Continue reading Big White Wall


Today, I wanted to share something with you that has helped me a lot and is still helping me now! Meditation, or even more a guided meditation. The app called Calm has been the best thing I found online and best guided meditation I have ever used! Before finding it I tried meditating on my own, as I heard it helped a lot of people with mental illnesses. However, it was something I found really hard to do, I could not concentrate, I didn’t really know what I was doing and frankly it wasn’t helping me. It was making me … Continue reading Calm