Milly, 23, UK

“I’ve suffered from various mental illnesses my entire young adult-adult life. I’ve had anorexia, body dysmorphia, depression and borderline personality disorder.

In the picture on the left, I was starving. I was consumed by anorexia, body dysmorphia, self-loathing and severe depression. Continue reading “Milly, 23, UK”

Eating disorder recovery & setbacks

I thought I was ‘fine’… So why do I let myself feel guilty after eating again? Why do I let other people words and judgment influence my feelings? I am not at my worst, but have I ever been at my best? I’ve read articles about how taking pictures of your body helps with ED. It’s supposed to help you to actually see what you really look like, rather than what you think or what other people say. I know that at my worst I wasn’t even able to look in the mirror let alone take pictures of myself. Now … Continue reading Eating disorder recovery & setbacks

Alise, 25, Norfolk, UK

“This is me 2 and half years ago, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for several weeks after trying to take my own life. I have suffered from severe manic depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and body dysmorphia for a lot of years. I have been seeing a regular psychologist since leaving the ward and take medication and have extra support in the community. I am more stable now and have two beautiful boys, but every day is a battle filled with fear and I pray for all those who suffer every single day. 💜” Continue reading Alise, 25, Norfolk, UK

The founder: Kay

Hello! I’m Kay Ska (aka Karolina Szczypiorska;)), I’m 21 and currently live in North West, UK. I made this blog (it was actually just a FB page at the start which actually got deleted, that’s why I moved onto the blog! Current; Facebook page) in November 2015. Back then I was in a really bad place myself but I really wanted to help, educate others on mental health and try to get rid of all the stigma around it. I’ve experienced mental health issues for most of my life (anxiety being the main one, agoraphobia, panic disorder, depression, eating disorder, self-harm, … Continue reading The founder: Kay

Rachel, 14, UK

“I have been suffering from major psychotic depression, which is the hardest thing for me in life. Also, suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, however, the doctors still think they still haven’t got the full answer. I suffer greatly; hear voices, and see things that I KNOW just are not there, but they seem SO real to me! This has been going on for nearly two years now, I went through a lot of bullying during infant school, physically being left for dead, laid unconscious on the ground. I have been diagnosed with the depression I have mentioned above, but I … Continue reading Rachel, 14, UK

Katie, 16

“I have been struggling with social anxiety and generalized anxiety my whole life and an eating disorder since 2012. Later, I was diagnosed with depression, OCD, and body dysmorphia. My eating disorder has been the hardest thing in the world for me to fight. It switches off between anorexia nervosa and EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified, which has features of both anorexia and bulimia). Anorexia became addicting and when I was 13, I fell down the long spiral of succumbing to this illness. It sucked me in and I’m lucky to be alive. I spent three months in an … Continue reading Katie, 16