Charlotte, 18, UK

“Currently I am unofficially diagnosed with paranoia, post-traumatic stress, personality disorder and/or schizoaffective disorder with psychotic symptoms. It’s a lot. I know. I have been affected by my mental health since I was 13. The first of many psychiatrists began with saying I suffered from psychosis and depression. Further psychiatrists then changed the diagnosis to schizophrenia or bipolar and current psychiatrists have now moved the decision on to this. For 4 years of my life I self – harmed, attempted suicide, was violent and was addicted to class A -C drugs. I was heavily medicated for the past 3 years. … Continue reading Charlotte, 18, UK

Tasha, 35, Tennessee, US

“I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at age 26, it was nice to have a name for what was going on inside my head, but the stigma of mental illness follows me everywhere. People always say “you look fine to me” but inside it’s literally like a train wreck. So many things going on at once. I also have PTSD from childhood trauma along with anxiety and agoraphobia which has kept me a prisoner in my home for months now. I have two dogs that saved my life on many occasions, I have been off medication for 2 years because … Continue reading Tasha, 35, Tennessee, US