Sean, 29, Georgia, US

“Dealing and coping with paranoid schizophrenia, BPD and social anxiety are daily tasks that require a great deal of self-discipline, accompanied with positive self-talk. I have found the most important and most responsible thing you can do is to stay on your medication. Staying on my medication has helped me reintegrate back into society smoothly after my first psychotic break and psychosis. Having a strong support system has also been key. A support system which whom you can share and express yourself openly and honestly free of judgment is very necessary.   Try to stay positive, find something that is worth … Continue reading Sean, 29, Georgia, US

Liam, 28, UK

“I am a mental health sufferer and I have been for 8 years but I am currently 29 months into my recovery and I have completely turned my life around; Before entering my recovery I experienced the worst period of my life which was a 10-week breakdown that I can only describe as 10 weeks of torturous hell. I suffer from depression and schizophrenia and during this breakdown, I was severely depressed; was hearing nine different voices in my head; I was taken off both my medications and was encountering horrific withdrawal symptoms. I somehow managed to find my inner … Continue reading Liam, 28, UK

Sam, 19

“My mental illness started at age 13 or at least that’s when I was diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar and schizophrenia and anxiety disorder. It’s been seven years since and I’m in the most stable place I’ve ever been. Thanks to the help of my psychiatrist who is absolutely lovely which is key when working with mental illnesses. Life finally has a meaning to me and I feel like I have a purpose thanks to my man and the medication I’m on. It’s been a long road and I’m still stumbling through in rocks and through thorns but I keep walking … Continue reading Sam, 19